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Why Should You Join Local No. 4

Better working conditions, better pay, and future economic security.  Local No. 4 and the IATSE have negotiated long and hard with employers to ensure safe and decent working conditions for its members.  Sometimes it can be an uphill battle but with strength in numrbers the IATSE and Local No. 4 can demand, and usually receive the terms and conditions that are most essential for the members we represent. The unions’ priorities include insuring the physical safety of our members, protecting your job security, and obtaining fair benefits, and wages that continue to grow. All working men and women deserve to have the comfort of knowing that they are entitled to a living wage, have the security of healthcare for their families, and a good pension when they retire. The only way to make sure you have these basic securities is to join a UNION, and make sure you have a say in the workplace.

Who Is Local No. 4

Local No. 4 is one of the founding members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States; its Territories and Canada (IATSE).  Local No. 4 proudly represents stagehands who serve many aspects of the entertainment industry. Since the birth of our organization over 130 years ago, Local No. 4  stagehands have organized many aspects of stagecraft, including  Television productions, industrial shows, facility maintenance, audio visual presentation, to name a few.  All our members have  banded together to achieve the maximum unified strength possible.

Our Goal

Local No. 4’s goal is to represent all stagehands in the Brooklyn and Queens Counties area of New York City wherever they work and to provide them and their families with benefits that can travel with them from employer to employer. With union representation you can change jobs without fear of losing your health insurance. Achieve a consistent Retirement and Annuity benefit, for continuing and maintaining a good quality of life.


Local No. 4 members have access to some of the finest medical plans available; coverage even includes benefits omitted from many other plans, such as pre-natal care, dental and eye care, chiropractors, prescription drugs and life insurance.

Local No. 4 members also enjoy both a defined benefit plan and a defined contribution plan. Your participation for both plans begins as soon as you earn your first dollar under covered employment.  Your employer will begin to make contributions into a health, welfare, and retirement fund for you for each and every hour that you work; it costs you nothing and is part of the contract.

Without union representation you are often alone and isolated at the lowest end of the work environment and pay scale, lacking the means to protect you own self-interests. Alone, you have very little negotiating power against an employer who is determined to give you as little as possible. With union affiliation you are participating in crucial decisions that affect your life, such as daily wages, continuing education, medical benefits for your family, holiday pay, retirement benefits and working conditions. You receive professional representation in the work place. Your participation in these critical decisions is an example of the democratic process working for you.

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Theatrical Stage Employes Local No.4, IATSE
2917 Glenwood Rd
Brooklyn, New York 11210
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